General Information Regarding License Applications

Complete initial application packets for licensure are reviewed during the Board’s monthly meetings.  Once approved, applicants will receive notice by email of the approval.

Following Board approval, the jurisprudence test link will be emailed to the applicant. The jurisprudence test is given online and results are immediately available upon completion. Once the test results are verified by the licensing specialist, the license is issued and a digital copy of the license is provided via email.

*New licensees will receive their wall certificate via U.S. mail within two weeks of juris prudence test completion.

For questions regarding the licensing process or the status of your application, please contact our licensing specialist at (659) 216-1009 or email

The Board now accepts the clinical typodont manikin exams of all of the approved testing agencies for Licensure by Regional Exam.

The agencies and the required examination components are listed on the Board’s dental and dental hygiene license applications below:

 These application forms are "fillable" but must be printed to be notarized, and must have the additional required documents and payment submitted as a complete package.

  • Special Purpose Dental License Application to Practice Dentistry Across State Lines can be requested from Board office  The practice of dentistry “across state lines” means a dentist who is physically outside the state, treating (including rendering a documented opinion regarding diagnosis or treatment) a patient who is inside the state, via the transmission of patient data; or who is holding him/herself out to the public as being able to do so. Ala. Code 1975, § 34-9-1(12)(a). 34-9-1 is the “definitions” section.

Qualifications for Licensure Reference

Code of Alabama (1975) § 34-9-10
270-X-2.01 Education Requirements for Examination-Dentists
270-X-2.19   Licensure By Credentials
270-X-3.03 Education Requirements for Examination, Qualifications, Application, Examination and Licensure of Dental Hygienists

Registration of 501(c)(3) Entities Operating Dental Clinics

Rule 270-X-4.10 requires that all 501(c)(3) entities register with the Board of Dental Examiners.  Please complete the form below and return it and the required supporting documents to the Board.  Please note that the form is also used for updating registrant information.  Please review Rule 4.10.

501(c)(3) Entity Registration Form