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Periodically check the ADHP page on our website: for updates and additional class information.
You will also find the Prophy count sheet here, to make additional copies throughout the year.
The ADHP Videos will be handed out at the first session.


If you have any questions about the ADHP Program or the application, Please call Hilda Johnson at 205-985-7267 ext. 226 or email her at


The application information for the 2015-2016 ADHP sessions are listed below.
The application deadline is May 30th.
After May 30th, the Reading Assignments and Classroom materials information will be on the website.
It is your responsibility to periodically check the website for any new updates and/or assignments, throughout the year.


2015/2016 Pre Entrance Exam



ADHP Prophy Sheet

This is a 2 paged document that needs to be printed as a 2 sided document.

ADHP Video
Note: You may need Apple Quicktime to view this video, download it HERE


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