The 2020-2021 ADHP is currently on schedule.  Applications are being processed as quickly as possible and applicants will be emailed confirmation.  Any changes in schedule will be posted and emailed to all applicants.  Please do not email asking if the program is still scheduled to run.  Thank you.

Alabama Dental Hygiene Program  2020-2021

The deadline to post applications is APRIL 30th.  Applications will not be accepted postmarked after that date.

You are responsible to periodically check this webpage for updates and additional class information.

The Prophy Count sheet is a 2-sided sheet; make additional copies throughout the year.

The ADHP Videos will be handed out at the first session.

After May 30th, Reading Assignments and Classroom materials information will be provided by email and/or posted below.


2020-2021 Books and Materials Order Form

ADHP Classroom Protocol

2020/2021 Required Instruments

ADHP Prophy Sheet
This is a 2 page document that must be printed as a double-sided document.

Clinical Assignment Sheet


To be certified as an instructor in the ADHP, the sponsoring dentist must attend the ADHP IC Course and send the completed application and test found below with a check for $75 to the Board Office.  Instructor Certification application for the incoming ADHP must be received by JUNE 15th.  Notice of IC Course dates is emailed regularly.  Please contact Ms. Gina Latham with questions regarding Instructor Certification requirements and IC Course dates.

ADHP 2020-2021 Instructor Certification Training Sessions 

ADHP Instructor Certification Application & Test 

ADHP 2020-2021 Instructor Certification Manual

ADHP Video - New Video coming soon

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

ADA Resolution for the ADHP Program

Licensure for Graduates of the Alabama Dental Hygiene Program

ADHP Students must complete the CITA dental hygiene clinical examination application available at in addition to the Alabama Dental Hygiene Program Licensure Application and Citizenship Verification.  In order to be considered for licensure at the Board's July Meeting, your licensure application must be submitted no later than May 30th.

Information Regarding ADHP Licensure

Instruction Letter for ADHP Licensure Applicants

ADHP Licensure Application

Citizenship Verification for ADHP Licensure Applicants

If you have any questions regarding the licensure application, please contact Ms. Gina Latham, RDH at (205) 985-7267 or